Scan 1001


Scan 1001

The discrete and exclusive inserts Scan 1001 are designed by Halskov & Dalsgaard Design. The design is feminine and functional with innovative details such as front glass with black or white decor and a unique glass handle that stays cool.

Scan 1001 is a flush insert, available with either a white glass with matt chrome trims or a black glass with black trims. Scan 1001 takes logs up to 50 cm.


  • Standard features
  • Stove colour black
  • Prepared for closed combustion
  • Options
  • Black glass with black trims and black glass handle
  • White glass with chrome trims and clear glass handle
  • Steel door with black trims and black glass handle
  • Extra accessories
  • Custom made trim
  • Convection adapters
  • Convection grate
  • Floor plate (glass or steel)