Rayburn Heatranger 480CD


Rayburn Heatranger 480CD

Reliability and efficiency have always been at the heart of the Rayburn concept. But now, with the advent of the 480 CD, these benefits are even more pronounced.

At Rayburn we understand that a dependable heating system is essential in order to provide comfort and hot water all year round.

The 480 CD has a balanced flue, which means that there is no need for a chimney and it can be conveniently situated against any suitable outside wall.

Independently tested, results show the boiler to be 90% efficient, an ‘A’ rating, which means lower fuel bills and lower emissions. The level of efficiency is achieved because the Rayburn 480 CD uses modern gas condensing boiler technology, with a proven, super-efficient heat exchanger built in. In addition, this utilises the heat energy from the boiler’s exhaust gases, (lost to the atmosphere with a conventional boiler), to also heat the water in the system. As an extra assurance, the boiler has been designed to deliver proven reliability. It is fully modulated, so that it only produces the output required, which means that it can heat a two bedroomed flat as efficiently as a six bedroomed house.

It also has an ‘Eco Setting’ which can regulate the temperature of the water within the system so that it is kept at the optimum level. It can heat up to sixteen average radiators, and is fully compatible with existing systems, opened and sealed. So, unless your radiators are due for an overhaul, there’s no need to change them.

Actual product may vary from image shown depending on fuel and flue type.


Function: Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating
Function: Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating
Fuel: Natural Gas
Controls: Thermostatic / Integral programmer for cooking (7 day – 2 event)
Initial Flue Pipe (minimum internal diameter): Balanced Flue
Ventilation (minimum air vent for room):
Electrical Supply: 230/230V – 50Hz 3 amp fused
Water Output: Up to 80,000Btu/h – Up to 24kW 16 Radiators
Hot Water System: Fully pumped open and sealed systems
Water Cylinder Size Option: Suitable for most sizes
Lower Oven: Cast iron cooking oven
Weight: 350Kg