Jotul FS 74


Jotul FS 74

Here you have the opportunity to achieve the same exclusive expression one gets with a bricked fireplace, in a fraction of the time. Jøtul has a number of element fireplaces all of which can be built in a day. They require normally no reinforcement of the floors. Jøtul FS 74 is one of several available models.

Jøtul FS 74 is adapted the insert Jøtul i 520 and have access to fire from three sides. They have a convenient storage at the base. If you want a very clean design this can be closed when setting up the fi replace. Jøtul FS 74 has an integrated firewall and can be mounted directly to combustible materials.


Light enamelled burn plates
Clean and efficiant combustion
Coated glass
Practical wood storage