Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

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This page explains what cookies are, how we use them and provides links to sites that show you how you can control them.

What is a Cookie and what do they do?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer by your web browser.

Cookies can have many different tasks on the internet we use them for…

Statistics: We use Googles’ analytics to monitor how visitors move around our site and how visitors reached it. This is used so that we can see figures on which types of content visitors use most and how long they stayed. You can opt out of these if you want at:

Other, Third Party cookies: Social networks, video and other services we offer are run by other companies. These companies may drop cookies on your computer when you use them or if you are already logged in to them.


More information on Cookies

Here is a list of useful sites that you can find out more about specific services that we may use and their use of cookies:

Facebook’s policy:

Twitter’s privacy policy:

YouTube video player cookie policy: (Google’s standard terms).