Innovation and style

If you have ever considered that there must be something with more innovation and more style than the conventional British fireplace opening, then this superb selection of designs from Rocal could add a new dimension to your thinking.

European leader

Rocal is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of contemporary fireplaces and has been at the forefront of the development of freestanding fireplaces for over 25 years.

Latest technology

Every fireplace is constructed from heavy gauge steel plate, expertly finished with a sophisticated, satin black lacquer that is heatproof to 600°C, and is supplied with matching, decorative flue pipe cover*. The solid fuel firebox itself is designed for burning wood, peat/turf and smokeless fuel. It incorporates a high quality, cast iron grate backed by, according to model, either cast iron panels or the latest thermally efficient firebricks to maximise the heat output from your fuel

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The following selection is what we have on display in our show room.

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