ESSE has been hand-building stoves and cast iron cookers in the UK for more than a century and a half. Some leading competitors have compromised on this heritage and are moving manufacturing overseas to save money. However, Esse understood how important it is to stay true to its roots. Esse stoves have been tried, tested and trusted across the world.

ESSE cookers and stoves are Cast and Built in the UK unlike some other British Stove producers.

From the frozen wastes of the Antarctic, to hotels and hospitals throughout the British Empire – ESSE cookers and stoves have historically been relied upon in some of the most gruelling environments you would ever expect to find them. Every stove is hand built in Britain with pride, just as they have been for 160 years.

Not only are these stoves built with attention-to-detail by skilled craftsmen, they are also some of the most energy efficient on the market offering an energy efficiency rating of over 80% helping you save on energy bills and running costs.

We at Ironcraft Shrewsbury stock a wide range of styles and specifications that ensures there is a stove to suit you and your home perfectly.

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