Esse 48 Oval


Esse 48 Oval

Allow the next gas fire you buy to take centre stage in the design of your living space. The Oval is our new ‘statement’ model, exceptionally powerful with a heat output of 3.5 kW, and even more potent visually: with its classic black glass surround, the Oval is simply the first thing that will draw the eye in any room that it adorns.

Wall-mounted gas fires that can be positioned almost anywhere, with no need for a flue? Thanks to ESSE’s advanced catalytic technology, it’s not only perfectly possible, but also simple, incredibly clean, economical, and completely safe.


  • All flueless appliances require an air vent to the room, so you’ll need to discuss your heating requirements with our gas engineers
  • Remote control is also available as an option, enabling you to adjust the flames at the touch of a button.
  • Flueless gas fire technology means that our fires can be installed in a variety of positions on the wall and around the room
  • All ESSE gas appliances are available in natural gas and in LPG.
  • Choice of vermiculite or black fire back options